Lawn Watering and Mowing

Due to the critical water level of our lakes and retention ponds, the HOA Board has decided to suspend sprinkler watering until further notice.

Currently, we are pumping water that is high in suspended solid matter which is threatening damage to our pumps and sprinkler heads. There is also a higher probability of staining our homes due to a higher ratio of iron content in the reduced level of water. Other local communities, such as Savanna Club have lakes that are basically dried up due to water usage. We do not want to have similar conditions in our community as a result of incorrect water management.

The HOA Board will continue to monitor the situation and will keep the St. James Golf Club homeowners updated as the situation progresses.

Due to the critical levels of our lakes and the suspension of irrigation watering, the lawn maintenance company, Yellowstone, will selectively be mowing only the yards that need to be mowed. If the yard is not growing and is brittle it will not be mowed since it will permanently damage the grass. This will continue until further notice. If you have any problems go to the office and fill out a Yellowstone work order. Trimming and weed control will continue.
SJGC Board of Directors