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There will be a meeting for homeowners on November 13th, at 7pm in the HOA Clubhouse for the purpose of reviewing and discussing the proposed 2020 Budget. All homeowners should plan on attending this meeting that will have a single agenda item – the 2020 Budget.



In the past, SJGC has had very effective programs for welcoming new homeowner (residents) to our community. Recently, we have not had a Welcome Committee to introduce new residents to their new community. We are asking that a group of residents volunteer to give new life to this important committee. If you can devote some time to developing the welcome committee program and participating in the program, please contact the HOA office and leave your name. You will be contacted and given the opportunity to meet with other volunteers. Hopefully, we can get the committee active by January.


There has been an increase in the incidence of vehicles entering the SJGC community by following closely behind the vehicle in front of them. Additionally, some residents are opening the gate for drivers that appear to be using a “card” to activate the gate. Both of these activities defeat the purpose of our gate system. In the first situation, there is also an increase in broken gates. When the gate is damaged, we make an effort to collect for the damage or report the damage to the Port St. Lucie Police for their assistance. In the second scenario, we should not assume that the person who appears to be swiping a card, truly has a valid card. There are deactivated cards because people have moved; there are lost cards and there are deactivated cards due to HOA issues that have not been resolved. Please refrain from opening the gate for others unless you are certain of their identity.


The bathrooms in the HOA Clubhouse will be renovated beginning Monday, September 30, 2019.

As a result of the work, both bathrooms will be closed until further notice.

Residents and their guests should use the HOA Fitness Center bathrooms until the work is completed. Please accompany small children who need to use the Fitness Center bathrooms.

HOA Board of Directors