First Notice of 2019 Annual Meeting and Election of Directors


In accordance with Florida laws governing homeowners associations, the Declaration of Restrictions and

Covenants of St James Golf Club Homeowners Association and our BY-LAWS, the Board of Directors has

set March 13, 2019, for the Annual Meeting and next election of the Board of Directors. All qualified Lot

owners are asked to consider running for the Board of Directors. Equally important, Lot owners need to

vote. If fewer than 210 Lot owners vote in person or by proxy, there would not be a quorum and,

therefore, we cannot conduct an election.  Then substantial additional work and expense will have to be

incurred by adjourning the Annual Meeting for up to 90 days while the required votes for a quorum

are solicited and secured.


Qualifications for a person to be a candidate for director are that such candidate must be an owner of a Lot,

whether built on or not, or a resident spouse of an owner of a Lot. If an entity is the owner of the Lot, the

entity may designate an individual who is an officer, director, or principal of the entity as the individual who

is eligible to be director. If a Trust or Trustee is the owner of the Lot, then any individual serving as a

Trustee, whether or not that individual’s name appears on the recorded deed, is eligible to be a director.

Renters may not vote or run as candidates for the Board of Directors.


All seven (7) director positions are to be filled for a two (2) year term.  Qualified Lot owners may seek

election 1) as their Neighborhood Director and as the At-Large Director or 2) as either the Neighborhood

Director or the At-Large Director. If a candidate were to win both as Neighborhood Director and At-Large

Director that candidate would be required to accept as Neighborhood Director and the candidate with the

second highest vote for At-Large Director would be considered elected to that directorship.


The Declaration of Restrictions and Covenants allows the current Board of Directors to adopt the technical

procedures for the election of the next Board. Lot owners who wish their names to be included on the election

ballot mailed to all members must sign and return the “Notice of Intent to be a Candidate” form on the reverse

side of this letter to the HOA office no later than 4:00 pm January 24, 2019. A copy of the “Notice of Intent

to be a Candidate” is also available on the community web site (See forms) and in the HOA office.

Candidates may also submit one (1) informational sheet of up to 250 words about their qualifications and why

they are running for the Board by 4:00 pm January 24, 2019. Candidates may also be nominated (by

themselves or another member) from the floor at the Annual Meeting if they are present to accept the

nomination. However, only those members that attend the meeting in person will have the opportunity to vote

for candidates nominated from the floor. Thus those interested in serving on the Board are strongly

encouraged to submit their names in time for inclusion on the ballots. 

Board of Directors

St James Golf Club Homeowners Association

Additional information concerning the 2019 Board of Director’s election may be found on our web site: