Cable Facts from your Cable Committee

Cable Facts regarding Saint James Community’s addition of Fiber To The Home for internet and the conversion of cable TV from Litestream to Hotwire.

  1. Internet should be installed in every home, where the homeowner is available for the install, by October 1, 2016. Homeowners who are not available will be scheduled for an install when they become available. Internet Speed will be 200mbps down and 40mbps up. Remember internet speeds are shared by every device you have accessing the internet including Wi-Fi. Many devices are limited in the speed by the device. Many Devices cannot use 200mbps. When several people in your home are using the internet at the same time then you may get close to the 200mbps.

2.       Email.  If you have an email with Version (Verizon), Comcast or Litestream you need to check before you get Hotwire Internet to see if you can keep your email address. If not sign up for one of these -Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, live.

3.       HOA dues will remain the same through 2016 at $450 per quarter. Dues will increase in 2017 due to Internet fee and possible other issues. They will not increase by more than $30 per month ($90 per quarter) due to the internet. The Board will approve next year’s HOA dues in November at a Board meeting

4.       Video TV. If you do n ot have Hotwire TV call them on July 1, 2017 to get it installed in July.You can buy additional channels of Cable TV at retail rates. See their rate sheet. You will be billed for the additional service as soon as it is installed. The basic package will become part of your HOA dues. Plug and Play (The ability to plug a TV directly to an RJ6 outlet without a cable box) is available . The LiteStream Basic service is part of your HOA dues until August 9, 2017 at that time Hotwite will replace Litestream as part of your dues.

5.       Bulk TV. Digital Access, HD, and 2 Boxes from Hotwire will replace Litestream on August 9th 2017. Installations will startJuly 1, 2017. At that time they will have Plug and Play available for non-box TV sets. You will be able to buy additional Video and or internet speed at an additional retail price that will be billed directly to you. This will not change 2017 HOA dues. 2018 HOA dues may change based on many factors of which the Bulk agreement is only one issue.

6.       Telephone Service is available free for 12 months. You will have to pay the taxes on this service. I have been told this is approximately $10.00 per month. The phone service includes Long Distance Continental US and Canada. No time or call limit. International calls require the user to fill out a form and have a credit card on file. Rates for international calling are on the Hotwire website. You will need to dial 10 digits to place a call, even local 772 calls. Due to the number of numbering plans in the US all carriers are going to have to change to this plan.

7.       Installation could take 2 1/2 to 6 hr. depending on the degree of difficulty and the number of services ordered.

8.       Security Services are available at additional retail rates.

9.       Help There is someone in the Clubhouse Library who can answer your questions Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. Repair service is available 7 days a week.