Bulletin Board

Reminders and Updates

 Yard debris (palm branches, etc.) is collected by Waste Management on Mondays.  All residents are reminded to place this debris at the end of their driveways Saturday or Sunday before the scheduled pick up.  Debris should not be placed in the path of the riding mowers used by the landscape company.


Service required from either the HOA Maintenance team or one of the HOA vendors (landscaper, etc.), a service order should be completed and submitted to the HOA office for action. 


Drone Policy

Drones are prohibited from flying in any airspace within 400 feet above the Common Areas or landing on the Common Areas.  “Drone” is defined as an unmanned aircraft that can fly under the control of a remote pilot or by a geographic position system (GPS) guided autopilot mechanism.  The term “Common Area” is defined by the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of for St. James Golf Club.  There shall be no deliveries by drone, i.e. Amazon, etc. without prior approval of the Association. Drones may be flown on and above a homeowner’s individual lot only. Realtors and/or their associates may not use drones to add to a photo portfolio of a “For Sale’ property.
St.  James Golf Club Board, June 2018

Lawn Mowing Obstacles

To assist the landscapers in mowing efficiently, all homeowners are asked to 

discontinue placing trash and yard debris on areas to be mowed.  This will 

eliminate the need for the mowers to dismount their equipment to move the

obstacles and then to replace the items after the mowing is done.  Thanks 

for your cooperation.

Committee Meetings

The Maintenance Committee meets every month on the Thursday before the HOA Board of Directors Meeting at 6 PM at the Clubhouse

The Landscape Committee meets with Brightview Landscaping the first Monday of every month at 9 AM at the Clubhouse.

Common Area Hours

Common area Facilities available for Homeowner use

Clubhouse: 8:00am to 10:00pm

Fitness Center: 6:00am to 11:00pm

All Other Common area Facilities: Dawn to Dusk

This includes Pool, Spa, All Courts, Gazebos, Tot Lot


If you need estoppel information call the HOA office at 772-344-0219. Talk to our Estoppel Administrators Judy Berger or Dorothy Calabrese.

Irrigation Policy

The intent of this policy to reissue the guidelines on the weekly watering program of the        St. James Golf Club Homeowners Association designed to maintain proper lake levels and comply with the SFWMD and St. Lucie local rules where required.


The HOA, SFWMD and St. Lucie county rules are the same - which is watering two (2) times per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays with an optional day which is Sunday. These rules can be changed by any agency based on overall conditions.  For maintenance purposes, the system can be run at any time with maintenance personnel present.


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Pick up after your pet.

Animal feces pose a serious health risk, especially to children playing in the grassy areas.

All pets must be kept on a leash. It is the law.

These are required by the Covenants and Restrictions and Port St. Lucie law.

Reflector System

To better service the community, there is a reflector program which is utilized by the homeowner to signify plants and/or landscape that the homeowner would not like our landscape vendor to trim.

There are two colors of reflectors that are utilized:  Blue and Red.

·        Blue Reflector –  This signifies that the homeowner does not want a specific plant trimmed.  Blue reflectors are placed in front of the plant that is not to be trimmed.

·        Red Reflector -  This signifies that the homeowner does not want any part of their landscape trimmed by the landscape vendor.  Red reflectors should be placed somewhere in the front of the house and are very visible to the landscape team.

Please note that homeowners are responsible for making sure that the reflectors are visible and maintained at all times.  Reflectors that have fallen or are broken (and not repaired) may result in plants being trimmed by the landscape team.  In addition, if you would like the crew to trim plants that previously had a reflector in place, simply remove the reflector, and the crew will be sure to trim the plant during their next trim cycle.  Please do not remove the reflector and then request that the plant be trimmed immediately.

Reflectors may be purchased at any hardware store.

If there are questions, please contact your Pod Director or the HOA Office.


HOA Board, May 16, 2016

Street Drainage

Our street drainage system consists of approximately 97 drain structures throughout our community.  The components are a grate at road level with a concrete structure beneath it that contains the discharge pipes to the lakes.  The lakes then drain to the canals through a weir that controls the amount of water to the canals.  The flow volume to the canals is controlled by the South Florida Water Management district (SFWM).  These drainage structures vary in depth as do the pipes to the canals.  Each year, we measure the depths to determine the need for cleaning.


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